Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey is a hardcore website blocking app that not only clogs distracting sites but also shuts off apps or even the entire internet.

The software is more rigorous than any other time management app because once you set up the timer, there’s no turning back. It locks the timer for that period leaving you with no other option but to complete your job.

And this is just a small piece of the big picture.

What’s more interesting is its capability to lock your entire computer when you switch the “Frozen Turkey” mode on.

This feature is super-handy when you’re working on an offline project or just going through a digital detox.

Similarly, the software comes with a built-in task scheduler, POMODORO like system, and is compatible with all the popular platforms and browsers.

And when you combine all these attributes, Cold Turkey emerges as a complete package for any professional who wants to take his/her productivity to a new level.

However, it’s not all bling, bling.

There are some specific areas where it goes a little off track. And in the following sections, I’ve explained these things in detail.

Take a look:

Cold Turkey Pros

#1. Block websites and apps

The primary function of Cold Turkey is to help you stay away from distracting sites and apps. And this is what the software is actually known for.

To save you time, it offers a default ‘distraction’ list that already contains dozens of sites. However, you’re also free to create your own blocking list and add particular websites you want to block when starting a session.

For that, go to the “Block Lists” section, click ‘Add new block list’ and give a name to your list.

cold turkey block websites 2

After that, type the URL in the search box and press ‘Enter’. Follow the exact steps to add more websites and finally, when you’re done, press the ‘Save’ button to save the list. It’s as simple as that!

cold turkey block websites 1

Similarly, besides the website tab, you can see the application tab where you can pick the application you want to close for a specific period.

cold turkey block apps

However, unlike other time management tools, the app blocking feature in Cold Turkey is reserved for the paid users.

And finally, for those who want to make it more brutal can shut the entire internet off by adding *.* in the search box of website tab.

cold turkey block internet

Or go a step ahead and switch the ‘Frozen Turkey’ mode on to cut off from their computer for a specific time.

cold turkey frozen mode

#2. Schedule tasks

If setting daily time blocks is not what you prefer, then you will love the schedule task feature of Cold Turkey.

This puts your time blocks in automatic mode and helps you escape the pain of setting new blocks every day. Plus saving of a few minutes every day. Awesome deal, isn’t it?

Above all, scheduling time blocks is remarkably easy. The scheduler looks exactly like your regular calendar.

cold turkey schedule

So, just pick a date, a list of websites you want to block, and choose the time slot. It’s that easy!

And once you’ve scheduled something, it lasts for the whole week. So set once and forget about it. Cold Turkey will take care of your schedule.

#3. POMODORO support

Though Cold Turkey doesn’t explicitly claim to have POMODORO support, the system it has is quite similar to the famous productivity technique.

You can set different sprint sessions with 5,10, or 15, minutes of break between each session.

cold turkey pomodoro

However, unlike a time tracking tool, it isn’t gonna start a stopwatch on your screen. Instead, it blocks the websites and apps for the time being and gives you access to the blocked sites during the breaks.

#4. Compatible with all the platforms

Want Cold Turkey on all your devices?

No problem.

The software is available for all the popular platforms, be it Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

However, I won’t recommend going for the smartphone apps because they’re not as effective as their desktop versions.

Moreover, the smartphone apps lack some critical features like block schedule and POMODORO like system.

Otherwise, the desktop app is dope and can be installed on as many computers as you want.

Cold Turkey Cons

#1. A bit complicated at initial stages

You might call it nitpicking, but I seriously didn’t like the initial setup phase of the app.

Unlike most of the regular time management tools, you can’t just install the software and get started with it. Instead, it asks you to add the browser extensions too in order to work smoothly.

cold turkey setup

Moreover, you can’t track how much time you’re spending on a specific task, which is a core function of any time management app.

Though the only silver lining is, it can reveal the top websites and apps that eat most of your time and present the data in the form of a graph. And all this happens automatically as soon as you open the app.

For example, this is how the graph was looking just after a few minutes of usage.

cold turkey stats

(Statistic graph after a few minutes of usage)

These stats gives you a better understanding of where you’re wasting most of your time and how you can moderate it.

So, in short, barring the small setup flaw, Cold Turkey is a complete package for any user.

Cold Turkey pricing plans and payment methods

Cold Turkey has a no-nonsense pricing strategy.

Either you go with the free plan or buy their ‘Pro’ license that costs only $29CAD.

cold turkey pricing

You can do your math and convert that amount into USD, and that will bring the number further down.

The third option is to choose their ‘Bundle’ pack that includes the pro version of Cold Turkey, along with their other two products – Cold Turkey Writer and Micromanager.

The Cold Turkey Writer turns your computer into a typewriter and fades out any distractions that may interrupt your focus. Super-handy for authors or content writers.

Similarly, if you want to go the old school method of doing one job at a time, then Micromanager helps you do that by blocking other tasks or apps in your computer.

When it comes to pricing, the bundle pack too comes for a one-off fee and sets you back just $45CAD. And to provide you some extra cushion, Cold Turkey offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their paid plans.

cold turkey payment methods

Finally, as long as the payment method is concerned, you can use your credit card or PayPal to pay for the program.

Do I recommend Cold Turkey?

Yes, I definitely recommend Cold Turkey.

This is the best website and app blocker I’ve ever seen or used. And the best part?

It comes for a very nominal fee, and a single user license is enough for all your devices even if they’re running on different operating systems.

However, I strongly would suggest going for its paid version.


Because the free license is without many of the crucial features like scheduling, POMODORO style time blocks, app blocking, internet blocking, device lockout, and more.

It’s suitable only for clogging websites or keeping a nab on how much time you’re spending on different websites or apps.

That being said, the only time when I won’t endorse Cold Turkey is when you’re looking for a tool to track time. In such cases, it’s better to go for an app like FocusMe or Freedom.