Started as a small HTML webpage named, FocusMe is the hands down most complete time management app out there.

In my test, it came out to be the only software that supports all the features I was looking for in a time management tool.

From time tracking to website blocking, scheduling to POMODORO support, it checks all the boxes.

And the best part?

It is the cheapest of them all. Costing you a little more than a couple of bucks every month. Pure value for money!

Now let’s take a look at its biggest plus points as well as the drawbacks (if it has any).

FocusMe Pros:

#1 Time Tracking with Detailed Report

The most essential function of any productivity tool is to track the total time spent on each website or app and show those numbers to the user. And FocusMe gets full marks in this section.

When you first log in to the app, it automatically starts its timer to note how much time you’re spending on each website and app in your computer.

And to get a better breakdown, click on the ‘website stat’ or ‘app stat’ option in the left panel.

FocusMe app stats

(It shows you how much time you spent on different apps)

FocusMe website stats

(It shows you how much time you spent on different websites)

#2 Website and App Blocking

FocusMe was one of the few tools in my test that allows users to block distracting websites and apps like social media, porn sites, news sites, games, etc.

To block a site or app, first, click on the ‘Add Plan’ option in the top right corner, give a name to your plan and click next. You’ll come across this slide.

FocusMe block sites

Click ‘Add’ and enter the URL of the site you want to block and then click ‘Next’ a few more times until you reach the 6th slide…

FocusMe block sites 2

…and finally click ‘Done’ to complete the website blocking process.

FocusMe website blocking

But maybe my favorite feature is the ability to block incoming emails on Gmail, while still being able to send them. Seriously. Check it out:

(image source)

This will block Gmail if you try to open it, so incoming emails don’t knock you off track. But you can still create and send new messages if needed. Follow these detailed instructions here to set it up for Gmail and Outlook.

#3 POMODORO support

If you’ve done even a bit of research on productivity or how to stay productivity then I’m sure you must have come across the term POMODORO.

Again, FocusMe is one of a few tools that lets its users take full advantage of this super effective technique by providing a customizable timer.

FocusMe pomodoro

#4 Scheduling Tasks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can schedule different tasks in your time management tool and track how much time you’re spending on each one?

Well, it’s definitely possible if you are a FocusMe user.

Whenever you add a new plan in your dashboard, at the very end of the process it gives you the option of setting that plan for daily or weekly.

FocusMe scheduling 4

On top of that, if you choose daily, you can decide the starting and ending time of that task.

FocusMe scheduling 3

#5 Lowest Price

As I mentioned in the beginning, FocusMe comes with the lowest price tag.

By spending just $2.50/mo (billed $xx annually), you can get access to all its premium features. And the icing on the cake is, if you’re a student, you can get a 30% discount on all its plans.

Not a student? No problem.

FocusMe offers a 15% for those who like their Facebook and Twitter page.


Now we have seen the shiny part, it’s time to see the other face of the coin. Let’s talk about the Cons of FocusMe.

FocusMe Cons:

#1 Works with only a few devices

The only minus point of FocusMe is, it’s compatibility with a limited number of devices.

While many of its competitors work with all the different operating systems and offer dedicated iOS and Android apps, FocusMe only offers a free Android app. And that too with limited features.

Moreover, it works only with Mac and Windows devices. So, no Linux and no iOS app. Sorry iPhone users!

Well, that’s the only concern I have with FocusMe. Otherwise, this software is a complete package.

FocusMe Plans

While FocusMe doesn’t have any free plans to offer, it lets the users try their premium plans for the first 15 days absolutely free.

And the best thing? They don’t ask for any card details.

Their paid plans start from as little as $2.50/month if you want to pay annually. And it comes with a 30% discount for students and 15% discount for those who follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

However, if you want to use this app in your business, you need to contact them for a custom price.

FocusMe pricing

Do I recommend FocusMe?

A big DAMN yes! Looking at the price point and the robust set of features it offers, I can easily say that it’s the best time management software I analyzed in my test.

So, if you’re looking for a complete time management tool, you can go with FocusMe without giving it a second thought.