Time Doctor

If you’re a freelancer or a business owner who often hire freelancers and pay them on an hourly basis, I’m sure you must have heard about Time Doctor at least once (or you might be using it on a regular basis).

Time Doctor is a popular tool among freelancers and business owners. But if you ask me, I had a very bad experience using this software. The user interface was terrible and it lacks many key features that keep it away from becoming a complete time management tool.

Let’s get a little deeper and take a look at what the pros and cons are.

Time Doctor Pros

#1 Time tracking for individuals and teams

Even though it took me more than 5 minutes to figure out how to start tracking time on Time Doctor, it does a decent job in this section.

But the only catch is you will have to download either their phone or computer app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track your activities using this software.

This is how time tracking looks in its Windows app.

Time Doctor app

Besides this, it’s also fairly easy to add team members if you’re working on a group project. And that too straight from your dashboard.

Just enter their email address and click “Invite.”

Time Doctor Team invite

#2 Compatible with most of the devices

If you’re someone who uses multiple devices to work and thinking whether Time Doctor will work on your device or not, then stop worrying about that.

Time Doctor is compatible with almost all the popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and also provides Android, iOS, and Chrome app.

#3 Exceptional customer support

I’ll have to agree (and you too) that when it comes to customer support, no one can beat Time Doctor.

They’re lightning fast when it comes to taking on customer queries. When I contacted their customer support to ask some questions about their product, one of their agent, Abdullah, reached out to me within 1 hour.

Yes, that’s right. In just an hour!

Time Doctor support

Time Doctor Cons

#1 Messy Dashboard

When it comes to usability, Time Doctor performed the worst. It was the most difficult to use app in the lot.

Time Doctor Dashboard

When you first log in to your account, the dashboard looks quite messy like this.

Lack of white space and clear instructions make the dashboard look cluttered. And because of it, it took me more than 10 minutes just to figure out where to start.

On top of that, when I created a project and clicked on the “Track some time” option, it refused to work. The only workaround was to download the Windows app.

So, if I need to download a 76 MB app just to perform the most basic of the functions then I would better switch to another tool than use Time Doctor.

#2 No website blocking

Sure, Time Doctor can give a detailed report of which website or app is eating the most amount of your time, but there’s no way you can block distracting websites or apps using this software.

#3 No POMODORO support

Similar to website blocking, there’s no function in Time Doctor that enables you to use your favorite POMODORO technique.

#4 Can’t schedule task

Again, you cannot schedule any task on Time Doctor. Just create projects and track time. No website blocking, no Pomodoro, and no task scheduling.

Time Doctor Plans

Time Doctor offers only a single plan to the users. It starts from $9.99/mo per user with a 14 days free trial – no, they don’t ask for any card detail. So, feel free to take the trial if you want to make a bad day worse.

Time Doctor Pricing

Do I recommend Time Doctor?

In one word – NO. Time Doctor is the most complicated app I tested and looking at its high price and limited features, I would never recommend you to try this app.

However, if you’re a business owner and want to track how your employees are working on a particular project then you can give it a shot.